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What is Deliveries in Stock Market?

In the stock market, delivery refers to the process of settling a trade by transferring the ownership of the stock from the seller to the buyer. This is in contrast to a non-delivery trade, which is settled through cash or other financial instruments, without transferring ownership of the stock.

When a trade is made for delivery, the buyer must pay for the stock at the time of the trade and the seller must deliver the stock to the buyer. The delivery process typically takes place on the second or third business day after the trade date, depending on the stock exchange's rules.

Delivery is often used by long-term investors who intend to hold onto a stock for a period of time, rather than by short-term traders who may be looking to quickly buy and sell a stock for a profit.

It's important to note that not all stocks are eligible for delivery, and some stocks may have restrictions on delivery. Additionally, some stock exchanges have a higher percentage of delivery trades than others, which can be an indication of the investment trends in that market.

Traders and investors can track the delivery volume of a stock by following the stock market data and by monitoring the delivery data released by the stock exchanges. This data can be used as a tool to gauge market sentiment, to identify potential buying or selling opportunities, and to track the overall performance of the stock.

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