About Us

TradeShifu Auto Trender is a Free Tool for F&O Traders to ease trading, AutoTrender is Simplifying OI analyzing into different forms of graphical charts and tables. Some key features are below.

Option Analysis

10+ Option Analysis Tools such as OI Build Up, Position Analyser, Strike OI Building etc.

Intraday Dashboard

Idenifty Potential stocks for Swing Trading using Abnormal Deliveries Scanner and Large Deals.

Intraday Dashboard

Side-by-Side Bank Nifty and Nifty FnO analysis for intraday trading.

Future Analysis

Future OI analysis such as OI Spruts, OI Build Up and Position Analyser.

Real-Time Alerts

Realtime alerts for important information such as OI Support/Resiatance and Heavy OI Build Up or Unwinding etc.

Real-Time Alerts

Free Trading Journal to record trades to identify mistakes and find your strength.